Threading FAQs

What is threading?

How often should I get threading done?

How long does threading process take?

Can I tweeze in between threading sessions?

Will my hair grow back thicker or darker after threading?

Can threading be performed on the whole face?

Does threading have any side effects?

Can threading be performed on someone who is using a topical or oral acne or skin-thinning medication?

How long before a special event (i.e. birthday or wedding) should I get threaded ?

Can men get their eyebrows done?

What does threading feel like? Does it hurt?

What areas of the body can be threaded?

What are the benefits of waxing vs. threading?

If I get my full face threaded, will the hair grow back darker?

Why does the esthetician put the thread in her mouth?

Is it okay to get threaded if you have sensitive skin?

Can I specify how I want my brows shaped?

My brows don’t have a natural arch, is it possible to get them shaped that way?

I over tweezed. How long should I wait before my next threading appointment?

What should I do to prepare for threading?

Is it safe to get threaded after cosmetic surgery?

Threading Aftercare

Henna FAQs

How is henna applied?

How much it costs to get henna tattoo?

What care I need to provide after applying henna? Would I be able to do my normal activities?

How long does a henna tattoo last on the skin? How to keep the henna color dark for long time?

Is henna safe?

Can I get black or other color from Henna tattoo?

Is henna applied in palm and foot only?

Can you apply henna on your eyebrows it?

Can you dye your lips with it?

Can you apply it on a pregnant woman's belly?

Can you dye your hair with Henna?

How do you take the design off?

Has it ever not faded away?

What color will the tattoo be?

Why henna is called tattoo?

What else need to know about Henna Tattoo?

What are the benefits to do Henna for Hair?

Do your Henna work on all hair types?

Can I use Henna on previously chemically colored hair?

How often do I have to apply Henna on my hair?

Can I use henna on gray hair?

What if I don't like earthy plant based Henna fragrance?

Hair Oil Massage

What are the benefits of Hair Oil Massage?